About The Film

This film is about solving Global Warming through voting.  But even more than that, the film explores the possibility of establishing a Democratic super majority in American politics by persuading Millennials who currently do not vote to become regular Democratic voters.  Who vote every two years for Climate Action. The film explores why these young people are not currently engaged in politics.  And delivers to them the most compelling reason to become politically active.  The eye-opening ending and hopeful message of this film is a powerful tool to help persuade young people to turn out and vote for the Democrats in 2018 and far into the next decade.  So share this film with your non-voter friends, and share it often.  If We Vote, It Can Be Done.

This film was written, produced, and directed by Michael Allen. It was inspired by his popular Daily Kos essay of the same title.

Very special thanks to Daily Kos editor, Meteor Blades, who placed the original “How Hot Is It Going To Get?” essay on the Daily Kos front page for a few days in 2015.  That small decision resulted in a powerful public reaction to the question, “How Hot Is It Going To Get?” and created a ripple effect which resulted in this film.  Thank you to the experts who agreed to be interviewed for this film – David Roberts, Professor Haigh, Professor Siegert, Mac Zilber, and RL Miller. And finally, thank you to the young Americans who agreed to be interviewed for this film and shared their perspective.

CONTACT: HowHot2050@gmail.com