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” A scary film about man made Global Warming and voting. With an eye opening ending.”


Featuring Young Americans Who
Have Become Climate Voters



The Experts

David Roberts
Professor Joanna Haigh
Mac Zilber
Professor Martin Siegert
RL Miller

Young Americans are unaware of HOW HOT IS IT GOING TO GET during their lives due to man-made global warming. They are also unaware of the vast political power they hold to change this perilous future. Solving global warming will require overcoming three political barriers. And each of these barriers can easily be overcome if most young people simply become consistent voters for Climate Action.



Global Warming Index

This is a measure of the increase in Earths temperature. It needs to stay well below 1.5 C


Carbon Clock

This is a measure of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere. It needs to be at 350 parts per million