Make A Difference – How Hot is it Going to Get?

Scientists Agree on Global Warming.

But There is Still Hope to Make a Change 

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Young Americans are unaware of "HOW HOT IS IT GOING TO GET" during their lives due to man-made global warming. 

They are also unaware of the vast political power they hold to change this perilous future.

Solving global warming will require overcoming three political barriers.

And each of these barriers can easily be overcome if most young people simply become consistent voters for Climate Action.

What have others said about this documentary?

"You Need to See This Film!"

"If you expect to be alive in the 2040's, or have loved ones who will, WATCH THIS FILM!!! And encourage your family and friends to do so as well!"

Debra Resler  //  via Amazon Review

"Scary and real...."

Must be shared with millennial voters. We don’t have much time to fix this, we are facing the human extinction.

Get this movie out to all of your friends, relatives and neighbors. Have a watch party.

Harold Loyd  //  via Facebook Review

"...with a simple action you can take to avert disaster"

"How Hot Is It Going To Get?" is an excellent and scary film that tells it like it is - there's no speculation or opinion, it's all science and fact.

JPilot  //  via Amazon Review

"Informative and eye-opening."

From someone who will face the effects of climate change.

Gloria Conejo //  via Facebook Review

"Best documentary to date!"

I am an Environmental Studies Student and this has opened my eyes in how I voted in the past, and I am sorry to say that my voting in the past has inflicted some damages to climate change after having watched this documentary. Mr. Allen, this film is on cue, I have presented this film to my professor who will be leaving a review soon.

56Chevy //  via Itunes Review

"Please don’t miss this one."

Teachers,. Parents, activists. Although the appeal is to the 70 million millineials who are at the voting age to become active climate voters, this information is presented in a thoughtful and engaging way. A great film for families to view together and discuss.

Alan Garaci //  via Itunes Review

We can make a change.
Rent or Buy the documentary, watch with friends, 
and learn how we can take action now.


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